I can’t tell you much about Santiago, Chile. We landed and checked into another flight to Balmaceda, Chile. We flew on Chile’s airline LAN and had one stop over in Puerto Montt. There is nothing special about Balmaceda. Although, it is interesting that in many countries other than the US you can walk into baggage claim and several taxi drivers are right there soliciting your service. It being so convenient we grabbed a cab for our destination: Coyhaique, Chile about 30min from Balmaceda.

Coyhaique is located in the northern part of Patagonia and is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is renowned for its trout fishing, which we unfortunately found out. Once in the town we figured we would easily find lodging for the 3 days we would be there. Not a good idea when it is summer and all the fishermen are in town. Many places were reserved and had no availability. One owner of a hostel called her brother whom had a vacant house. Since it was getting late and we agreed to at least one night at this place which we had not even seen. There were six of us traveling through Chile together so we needed accommodations to fit us all. Well, we showed up at this Cabin, which had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms– perfect!
Yikes, I mean I love camping and roughing it, but this place was plain disgusting and the worst part was we were paying for it- the owners should have paid us to stay there. I do not want to go into detail, but lets just say the bathrooms were horrible. The last guests left us several surprises in the bathrooms and in the kitchen YUK!! I showered with my flip flops on, hovered over the toilet and slept fully clothed- socks, hat and all. Also, there was no toilet paper, only 2 old towels for 6 people to share and no WIFI. My sister attempted to clean the bathrooms by dumping bleach on the floor and in the tubs- not sure it worked but I guess it smelled a little better. After this little adventure we found an Internet cafe the next day and scoured the Internet for a decent place to stay for the next 2 nights.

We arrived at Cabanas Patagonia Paraiso. A much better sleeping arrangement, cleaner and a 15min walk to center of town.
Below is the link. We stayed in the cabana Calafate.

We did not come to fish in Coyhaique, but came to see the marble caves.
Coyhaique has a neat downtown area with a park, good restaurants, and shopping

Favorite Coffee Shop- Cafe Konken




Spanish Blurbs

This post is about the funny mistakes I have made thus far trying to learn and speak Spanish.

-A little girl asked me “¿Dónde esta tu azúcar?”
I replied “en mi garaje”
She looked at me totally confused. I looked at her like what… Obviously she did not ask me where my car was, but asked where my sugar was.

-My sister wanted me to ask the cleaning lady who spoke no English if her husband had paid her. I asked the cleaning lady, “¿Necesita estar pegar?”
She really looked at me like I was crazy, I was confused. I finally asked her “¿necesita dinero para limpiar.” Latter, I asked my husband if I had said something wrong, well pegar means to hit someone. I literally asked her if she needed to be hit not paid which is pagar.. Oops!!

– In Mexico City these girls came running up to us asking, “¿Quieras estar entrevistados?”
I replied, “No, quiero comprar sus revistas.” This time my husband looked at me like uhh that is not what they asked, they wanted to interview us to practice their English ha ha go figure
We ended up doing the interview. Some how I got revisita and entrevista mixed up

-“¿Esta casado?”
“¿Para cuanto tiempo?”
“No se soló esta noche”
Hmmm only married for one night… Oops casado=married cansada=tired

*** The important thing is I keep trying and laugh a little along the way

Mexico City

image 1st Class goodies image Look at all this space 1st class lounge image Graffiti or Art? Graffiti or Art? image Please, brush and floss Anthropology Museum Anthropology Museum Anthropology Museum image Sledding in Mexico City

After settling for a few days in Buena Vista we readied our selves for a month long journey to Chile and Peru.

Thru some crazy glitch in AeroMexico’s website we were able to fly first class at no extra charge, but the glitch entailed flying from San Jose, Costa Rica to Mexico City then to Santiago, Chile.

We had a 12hour layover in Mexico City and took the advantage to tour the city and eat some good Mexican Food. Neither of us have ever been to Mexico City and were not sure what to expect. Our first mistake was trying to walk to the subway station to take public transit to the main square/park which is like Central Park in New York, but with more vendors. Anyway, we did not make it far before we realized how sketchy the area was we were in. One word to the wise take a cab

Our second mistake was not getting cash out at the airport. I thought most Mexicans did not trust in banks and kept their cash hidden under their mattresses- how naive one can be-
The lines at the ATMs on every street corner was at least a city block long, yikes!

Long Story short We got our delicious Mexican food- tacos, torta and beer yummy! And walked the busy streets of Mexico City, sat in the park and people watched. We visited the anthropology museum, a must if in the vicinity. At one point we came across a square with these really long lines,think worse than Disney Land and discovered people waiting to ride a sled down a make shift man made snow mountain- very weird when I come from mountains full of snow.

We made it back to the airport with enough time to enjoy the first class lounge- free unlimited drinks, food and wifi.

Our Destination


We booked our flights through Alaskan points. Needless to say Alaska does not fly to Costs Rica…

Therefore through “partner airlines” it took 2 layovers and 24hours to reach Liberia, Costa Rica and than another 2 hours to our final destination, Buena Vista. But hey whose complaining we flew for free!