Hmm packing is not fun especially when you have to fit your life into a 10×20 storage box… but after months of purging unwanted goods, clothes, furniture, etc. it took a solid few weeks to stuff it all in the box– things we deemed wanted. The last few loose ends to tie up consisted of selling my car And finding a renter for our beautiful home. Selling the car turned out to be easy. A nice couple bought it for their daughter– a surprise! However, the house was another story. We posted it on Craigslist 2 months before our departure date. Several people showed interest but no takers. We kept telling ourselves we had time, but I started to feel the stress when 2weeks before we were leaving we still did not have a renter. We kept praying for a blessing and literally 3 days before we left a perfect person signed a year lease and we were off…. 



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