Mexico City

image 1st Class goodies image Look at all this space 1st class lounge image Graffiti or Art? Graffiti or Art? image Please, brush and floss Anthropology Museum Anthropology Museum Anthropology Museum image Sledding in Mexico City

After settling for a few days in Buena Vista we readied our selves for a month long journey to Chile and Peru.

Thru some crazy glitch in AeroMexico’s website we were able to fly first class at no extra charge, but the glitch entailed flying from San Jose, Costa Rica to Mexico City then to Santiago, Chile.

We had a 12hour layover in Mexico City and took the advantage to tour the city and eat some good Mexican Food. Neither of us have ever been to Mexico City and were not sure what to expect. Our first mistake was trying to walk to the subway station to take public transit to the main square/park which is like Central Park in New York, but with more vendors. Anyway, we did not make it far before we realized how sketchy the area was we were in. One word to the wise take a cab

Our second mistake was not getting cash out at the airport. I thought most Mexicans did not trust in banks and kept their cash hidden under their mattresses- how naive one can be-
The lines at the ATMs on every street corner was at least a city block long, yikes!

Long Story short We got our delicious Mexican food- tacos, torta and beer yummy! And walked the busy streets of Mexico City, sat in the park and people watched. We visited the anthropology museum, a must if in the vicinity. At one point we came across a square with these really long lines,think worse than Disney Land and discovered people waiting to ride a sled down a make shift man made snow mountain- very weird when I come from mountains full of snow.

We made it back to the airport with enough time to enjoy the first class lounge- free unlimited drinks, food and wifi.


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  1. Yay!! keep up the posting i love it!!

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