Spanish Blurbs

This post is about the funny mistakes I have made thus far trying to learn and speak Spanish.

-A little girl asked me “¿Dónde esta tu azúcar?”
I replied “en mi garaje”
She looked at me totally confused. I looked at her like what… Obviously she did not ask me where my car was, but asked where my sugar was.

-My sister wanted me to ask the cleaning lady who spoke no English if her husband had paid her. I asked the cleaning lady, “¿Necesita estar pegar?”
She really looked at me like I was crazy, I was confused. I finally asked her “¿necesita dinero para limpiar.” Latter, I asked my husband if I had said something wrong, well pegar means to hit someone. I literally asked her if she needed to be hit not paid which is pagar.. Oops!!

– In Mexico City these girls came running up to us asking, “¿Quieras estar entrevistados?”
I replied, “No, quiero comprar sus revistas.” This time my husband looked at me like uhh that is not what they asked, they wanted to interview us to practice their English ha ha go figure
We ended up doing the interview. Some how I got revisita and entrevista mixed up

-“¿Esta casado?”
“¿Para cuanto tiempo?”
“No se soló esta noche”
Hmmm only married for one night… Oops casado=married cansada=tired

*** The important thing is I keep trying and laugh a little along the way


One thought on “Spanish

  1. Gissela says:

    You’re so funny Megan!!! 🙂

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