La Cascada, Chile

On our way to the wine country our hosts at the Fox Hill B&B told us about a waterfall we could check out. Our host also warned us that there maybe someone present to collect money for parking but that they were there illegally and not to pay them. Interestingly enough when we arrived a woman wanted our passport numbers, names and 2000 colones that she said was for volunteering to keep everyone’s vehicles safe…. We ended up giving her the money worried she may break into our cars while we were on the hike- but we did refuse to give her any personal info 

The hike to the falls was about 20-30min and very beautiful– proving how wonderful God’s creations are! 



Puerta Varas, Chile

Puerta Varas is the Santa Cruz (California) of Chile except it is on Llanquihue Lake and not the ocean. It has cute boutique shops for the ladies at reasonable prices and cheap bike rentals ($4/hr) or kayaking for the boys. The two restaurants we ate at we really enjoyed. Tempurawok over looks the lake. We sat on their deck and had an epic view of volcano Osorno. We enjoyed  excellent mojitos, sushi and the best empanadas in Chile. Much to our dismay we had reserved a bed in breakfast about 30min from this cute town and were only able to spend one day here. However, the boys went extreme river rafting so us girls were able to return to Puertas Varas and enjoy a fabulous lunch. This time we tried the Mediterranean restaurant directly below Tempurawok. They have great mushroom risotto and we discovered our favorite wine, La Joya from the Colchagua Valley- a great Cabernet!

We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast owned by expats that we found on Airbnb. The view from the house was gorgeous, bedrooms very comfy and breakfast was always delicious.

One of our favorite things we did in this area was pack a picnic basket full of good wine, cheese, meats, smoked salmon and drove to the top of Volcano Osorno where we watched the sunset while enjoying our feast. There are also hot tubs that you can rent at the top for $80 and have a magnificent view! But you need to reserve ahead of time to allow the tubs to heat it take 6-8hrs.


Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Montt is a port city and the gateway into the lakes region and Western Patangonia. We flew from Balmaceda to Puerto Montt, a quick and easy flight- returning from Coyhaique. The city is known for its salmon- which is cheap and the smoked salmon is amazing. The city itself was not the cleanest, but we did watch a beautiful sunset on the warf and get good cocktails. We also found an amazing restaurant, Cotele, that we highly reccommend. A taxi is needed to get there from where we stayed (downtown area). Atmosphere is amazing, drinks are great and the food incredible- the steaks are out of this world.

The hotel we chose were from reviews we read on trip advisor, which usually works but this time we were disappointed. The hotel, Vista Mar had a distinct old smell probably because it was old. Since there were six of us traveling together they gave us a bedroom with six beds more like a dorm room. The bathroom was okay nothing to get excited about, breakfast was basic and wifi was spotty.

Random Chile Travel Tips

Chile Tips and Facts we learned along the way

  • Many of the places we stayed in did not have toilet paper, towels and even sheets. Apparently, when Chileans travel they bring all their own stuff.
  • “Wild Pack of Family Dogs.” There were homeless dogs roaming everywhere. They were not aggressive, but did follow you if given a handout. The only time we saw some dogs get aggressive is when they fought each other over territory. 
  • “Chilean Snake” what we dubbed the Chileans who cut you off in traffic, lines at the airports, walking, etc 
  • Siesta- the nap Americans will never get. Most stores are closed from 1-3pm and closed all day Saturday
  • Huge horse flies- don’t wear black or bright colors. White is the best color to wear


Marble Caves, Chile

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The marble caves are located on lake General Carrera, which straddles the Argentinian/ Chilean border though the caves are in Chile. To access the caves we reserved a tourist van in Coyhaique to drive us 3hrs to a very small town, Puerto Tranquillo which is the gateway to the caves. The drive is quit beautiful. […]