Marble Caves, Chile

The marble caves are located on lake General Carrera, which straddles the Argentinian/ Chilean border though the caves are in Chile. To access the caves we reserved a tourist van in Coyhaique to drive us 3hrs to a very small town, Puerto Tranquillo which is the gateway to the caves. The drive is quit beautiful. Many boat companies are available in the town to take you to the caves. In nice weather one can even rent kayaks to access the caves. However, even though we were in Patagonia during the summer the weather is very unpredictable and more than usually on the colder side so when we arrived in Puterto Tranquilllo it was pouring rain, freezing, windy and the waves on the lake did not look promising. But we did not just come all this way not to see the caves. We located a small store in the beginning of the town where we could buy black heavy duty garbage bags and made ponchos out of the material.
Making the adventurous trek to the caves was very much worth it- as you will see in the pics and video (which I will post later- so make sure to check back) .


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