Arequipa, Peru

A very neat city with thriving culture, history and modernism. Students flock here for the campus life.
Arequipa is known as the white city and you will see why from its incredible architecture. 

In Arequipa we enjoyed walking around getting lost on the small side streets and people watching.
The main market was definitely worth the experience you can buy anything from remedy herbs to raw meats/fish to toys and clothes. 

Our hotel was centrally located and a major plus was you could brush your teeth with the water… in Peru you have to be careful with the water especially at restaurants if the place looks suspicious don’t eat raw vegetables including salad, ice or even coffee.

The ceviche is excellent in Arequipa!

High altitude sickness can be a problem for any people. My husband and I did not have any issues, but we also lived at a higher elevation in the States. One thing that is highly recommended by the locals is to drink lots of Colca tea- should help with the altitude

A link to our hotel Viva Tera



One thought on “Arequipa, Peru

  1. sarahleecook says:

    Megan, I am FINALLY having a chance to check out your blog!!! I love seeing all the pictures of Peru, especially with our trip coming up. Looking forward to seeing your updates. Chao!!

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