Lima, Peru

Lima, the Capitol of Peru was amazing. We flew from Cusco to Lima a direct flight was around $100 a ticket on Peruvian Air. We rented an apartment in Barranco though AirBnB. We loved the apartment it was in a great location with a wine bar on the first floor and a coffee shop next door. It was only a five minute walk to the ocean. You had access to a pool and gym overall the apartment was a perfect spot to explore the city.

Here’s the link

In Miraflores we rented bikes a cruised all along the coast line and thru Miraflores.

The best ceviche we had was at Javier’s in Barranco.

The only problem we had in Lima was not getting to the airport at least 2 hours before our flight to Tacna. We got to the airport an hour before for a domestic flight and they would not let us check in or board the flight saying we needed to be there 2 hours before- which we had no problem from Cusco to Lima. The next flight was not until seven hours latter so we got to hang out in the airport.




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