Super Bowl 2013 In Costa Rica

Many “ex-pats” or tourists may wonder “where can I watch the Super Bowl?” 

Many restaurants in Costa Rica will stream the most famous and loved final game in America well next to the World Series.

living near Samara a beach town in the guanacaste region and Nicoya Penninsula of Costa Rica this is where we watched the beloved 49ers loose. 

The only place in town to stream the game was La Vela Latina, using a projector screen and surround sound it satisfied our American Super Bowl party craving. In order to secure a good viewing have to show up early at least an hour before the game!
La Vela Latina is right on the beach in Samara, for the game they served buckets of beer and we got the nachos big enough to share with another person- delicious- as are the fries
Costa Rica beer is Pilsen or Imperial not bad though I do miss home breweries

In Nosara which is about a 45min drive north from Samara on mostly dirt roads, Marlin Bill’s also shows the big game every year. They bring in several big screen televisions and provide ample American style bar food and drink specials for the game

Enjoy 2014 Super Bowl in Costa Rica


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