Attack of the Army Ants

When I first moved to Costa Rica I was warned about the Army Ants. The warning was something like they will invade your house and there is nothing you can do but leave for several hours. These ants like to eat everything in their path, so they come into your house and eat all the bugs and than leave. Well, last week I finally had my run in with the army ants. Fortunately, they did not invade the inside of my house just the outside. They stuck around for roughly 4hours. (Word to the wise if army ants invade your space leave for the whole day!)
These guys have a nasty bite so do not mess with them or walk barefoot in their path, you will regret it.

Secret Cascadas near Nicoya

We needed a break from the beach and all that salt water… so our friends told us about a great waterfall and swimming hole on the way to Nicoya from Samara in a small town called Belen. Excellent, we headed up there got lost a few times, no addresses.. But the best way to spot the turn off is look for a bar called Bar Cascada (waterfall). And literally the waterfall is not far down the dirt road from that bar. You will hear the waterfall from the road. There is only a short walk to the fall. We spent the day there enjoying jumping off the rocks and hanging out with the locals. It’s definitely a popular spot with the Ticos.
Remember to pack out what you pack in. Stay green.